The Lubbock Arts Festival is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the amazing artists we have here on the South Plains. Eric Dorris is one of the incredibly talented artists that will be featured at this year's festival, and if you're a Star Trek fan, you will definitely not want to miss seeing his work.

The theme for the festival this year is "Out of This World," and it's sure to be full of all things space-related. Dorris' art was going to be featured in last year's festival, but it was unfortunately canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank goodness this year is making a turnaround from the last.

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Erin Castle had the opportunity to interview Dorris about his work and also about what the pandemic was like for him and other artists. She wrote:

"For artists like Dorris, who make their living traversing the country, setting up art shows at various locations, the toll of the pandemic was devastating. But, he says, you must find a way. Dorris poured more effort into his online presence including his website and social media platforms. He points out that although artists were deemed non-essential, art continued to thrive in new, innovative ways, entertaining and delighting audiences all over the world. People turned not only to science for support during this period of significant trauma and stress, but to art as well. The year became another example of just how closely tied science and art can be. As Dorris puts it, “space is pretty cool, and art is pretty cool.”

Be sure to head over to the Lubbock Arts Festival website for more information on who you may see featured at this year's festival, and for ticket, time, and date information, and check out a few of his pieces below.

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