This is kind of interesting and may help you hone in on where you do or don't want to live in the Hub City.

According to the website, these are the most expensive neighborhoods in Lubbock to hang your hat.

  1. Slide Road around 96th Street
  2. Quaker Ave. and 98th Street
  3. Brownfield Highway and Quaker Ave.
  4. 98th Street and Memphis Ave.
  5. Around Slide Road in Southwest Lubbock

It's interesting to me the repeat visitors on the list. In the top 10, Slide Road is mentioned twice, 98th Street is mentioned twice and Quaker Ave. gets mentioned three full times (once right here by the radio station). You would think some of the developing areas around Texas Tech would make the list, but not until number six.

I'm not the biggest expert on Lubbock geography, but if you're looking to save cash, avoid Southwest Lubbock.

If you'd like to look at some other criteria, the website also looks at schools, crime and demographics, and there are forecasts and trends for paid subscribers. You can also break the city down neighborhood by neighborhood if you're willing to cough up some bucks.


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