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As it would happen, Din Productions is dominating the upcoming show schedule and knocking it out of the park in the art department.

We looked at these tickets a little before, but I thought you might want to page through them and make some plans on what you want to see. At this point, I think all shows will happen regardless of lingering pandemic problems. I would just say, get a shot and get in the pit. If for some reason you want to wear a mask and hang in the back, we totally respect that, too. Do whatever is right for you, just ROCK OUT!

Tickets for all events are available at Ralph's Records and at DinProductions.com 

I just wish this idea would have been implemented sooner. Can you imagine the artwork that most of us rockers would have around the house if all tickets looked like this?  I wouldn't have a blank space on any wall in my house!

Upcoming FMX Shows With Din Productions

This ticket art is cool!

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