Allsup's posted a new air freshener on their Facebook page this morning that I honestly thought might be a good idea, but unfortunately, it was all an April Fool's prank. Bummer! I was getting stoked to have an air freshener that smelled like those delicious fried Beef & Bean burritos.

If you're as sad as I was, make sure you click on the link they shared to score yourself a free burrito.

Nothing like driving around munching on one of those things to soothe the pain you must feel knowing that such an air freshener does not actually exist.

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I actually worked for Allsup's back when I was in college and I'd like to blame them for the 20 extra pounds I gained, but those chimichangas and corn dogs were totally worth it.

Everyone in town loves Allsup's and we're finally getting one in Lubbock that serves booze instead of gasoline, which I think is just dandy. You'll find it open off of Broadway and University in the near future, and you'll be able to get all of your favorite Allsup's treats, along with a crown and coke slushie. They're going to have a walk-up bar, a full kitchen and a dining area. It's sure to be much more than the average gas station, and students at Texas Tech University are certainly going to enjoy how nice and close it will be to campus.

Now, click that link in Allsup's Facebook post and go get yourself a free beef & bean burrito.

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