Some Texans are claiming that their votes are being changed. I'm personally kind of not buying it.

Some folks who have voted a straight part tickets claim their vote for senator was flipped to the opposing candidate.  What may or may not be happening is they are rushing through the process, meaning they are hitting the straight ticket so quick that the screen hasn't entirely populated yet. It's like when you click a frozen computer a couple of times and those clicks have to "catch up" when the computer unfreezes. Anyways, the voting machines all allow this by showing your votes before you finally punch them just look your choices over carefully.

It also reminds me of something that happens quite frequently. People will go to a drive through and order a cheeseburger and a coke and the person on the other end, who is distracted will say "is that a cheeseburger and a Sprite" and you, being in a hurry and using the cruddy speaker system will say, "yeah, yeah, right" because you've already started looking at your phone.

Just pay attention guys. Politicians steal votes by lying to you, not by using a machine that could leave electronic evidence.

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