The Netflix show has a LOT of love for Texas Tech.

What can I say? I love reality TV. A friend got me hooked on the first season of Cheer, so, of course, I had to follow through on the second season.

Let's talk about all the Texas Tech on the show. First off, what makes this a big deal is that the only other non-junior college mentioned is Sam Houston State, and that's with a tiny graphic. As for the Texas Tech representation, we start with Kailee Peppers.

Peppers comes back to Navarro after two years at Texas Tech to get the season started at Navarro while the head coach is off competing on Dancing With the Stars.  Apparently, she's now back at Texas Tech. Peppers provides one of the best Texas Tech moments on the show when they show her flashing a Texas Tech ring that looks to be the size of a golf ball.

Then there's Morgan Simianer. She's one of the favorites on the first half of the show (it documents the canceled pandemic year, then the team's first year back). Simianer is shown commenting on her time at Navarro in a Texas Tech shirt. She apparently went to Texas Tech in 2020. I can't quite figure out if she's still there now, but did post a picture inside Jones AT&T Stadium in October 2021 that went out to 1.2 million followers --NBD.

Next up is Billy Smith, who works with alumni support for Texas Tech cheer. Smith is seen commenting in his office, which features a garden gnome-size statue of Raider Red along with other Texas Tech gear. I actually talked to Billy Smith after season one and you can check out some of that action here.

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