A lot is being made about Joel Osteen's megachurch receiving 4.4 million dollars in PPP funds.

Let's start with "PPP Funds". Those are Paycheck Protection Program funds. Do you know who issues paychecks? Businesses. Now let's move on.

As an American citizen, you've paid money into the government your whole life. This is supposed to cover things like highways and the national defense. Now, at a time when so many livelihoods are threatened and so many are facing eviction, you will get $600, for a grand total of $1800 since this devastating virus began.  Let's do this again...Joel Osteen $4.4 Million>You $1800.

There's also one striking difference between Joel Osteen's ministries and you, and that's YOU paid in. He didn't pay in, he only took. Not only did he take, he took in a country where we are supposed to have a separation of church and state.

Are you mad yet? Well, according to a July 7th article in the Lubbock Avalanche Journal, four Lubbock churches each received over $350,000. Not only that, at least one of these churches is very much involved in partisan political discourse, yet another reason why these churches need to make a choice. If they're going to take money when they need it, then they need to put money in when they don't, just like the rest of us.

Ask yourself right now, do you or someone you know need a bailout more than a megachurch? The megachurches certainly grabbed their piece of pie and I haven't seen too many of them passing it around.

The American way of doing things is different. As a citizen, if you decided you didn't need your bailout and wanted to donate it to church no one would lift an eyebrow. When these churches cut in line they are taking money that could have helped sustain small businesses.

This is no way for churches to behave.

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