Citibus is receiving a grant for buses with low to no emissions.

As you have seen recently, the entire world can be on fire and there are ding-dongs out there who will say, "no, it ain't." Having our bus fleet upgraded is a great rolling example of how we can transition to something cleaner and no one has to get worked up about it.

KCBD is reporting that Citibus will buy 48 hybrid electric buses and that they're replacing buses that are over 20 years old anyways. This is fantastic news. No one gets hurt, no one gets put out and we get a demonstration of this technology every time a bus rolls by.

My challenge to the City of Lubbock is to change ALL new city vehicle purchases to clean energy vehicles. There are more than enough of us out here to keep the oil and gas industry alive for decades, so this transition shouldn't bother anyone. No one will be forced to change anything they don't want to change, but city vehicles, which get a heck of a workout, could start cutting into some of those carbon emissions while the rest of us get up to speed.

So maybe you don't like the idea? Well, cough up around $49 million dollars and buy the city some gas guzzlers. By the way, what do you think it cost extra to keep the old buses on the street during the recent gas price surge?

I say, go, Citibus! I'm going to have to take a ride in some of these new wheels just to see how it feels.

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