Are you happy with your City Council? Do you like the way LP&L is run? I'm pretty sure there's a large group of folks out there who would say "no". The problem is, they aren't doing anything about it.

Cole Shooter,
Cole Shooter,

I don't know if I care for this City Council or not. Much like the mayor, they don't seem to be very "present". Maybe it was time for a City Council that was a little low key after some of the jokers we've had in the past. It's even possible that they're doing a good job. I just think it's embarrassing that in that in a town this large, in times like these, that two members of the council are running unopposed.  Once again, these two may be the greatest and best politicians we've ever had, it just doesn't play well that there is no discussion at all about their performance.  I hope these two candidates will at least honor Lubbock with strong, earnest tenures on the council and not assume that they are being given a free pass.

So yeah, I said this was an "embarrassment for Democracy" because as those of you with Facebook know, there's no shortage of "experts" out there with an opinion on everything.  So where are you guys now?  Why are two candidates, no matter how good they are, running without any competition?  It just shows that most folks willingness to get involved only goes so far as their keyboard.

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