I was just buzzing around (see what I did there?) the City Of Lubbock's Vector Control documents and found some fun stuff for the kids.

Health Workers Test And Spray For Mosquitos As Texas Prepares For Zika Virus
John Moore, Getty Images

I'm not real sure what I expected to find on this page, maybe a schedule for when areas are going to be sprayed or something.  What I found was a document called, "Mosquito Bites Are Bad" which is a "Zika Activity Book" from the CDC. I also found a "Mosquito Coloring Page" from the City of Lubbock Health Department. Let's also not forget the "Mosquito Bookmark Prevention".

There ARE some useful documents on the page, it was just an eye opener that a lot of this seemed to be directed at kids. I guess education is the best possible tool to fight mosquitos. All of this could be shortened to two things though, use a mosquito repellant with Deet and kick over anything you see with standing water in it. If you don't give them anything to eat or a place to breed, then things should stay somewhat tolerable.

If you are having serious problems with mosquitos, print out the coloring pages, roll them up and use them to swat the mosquitos, or you can call the City Of Lubbock's Vector Control Unit at (806) 775-3110.

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