Like everyone else, I waffle a bit about how best to handle difference with other people. I just don't see an upside to fighting about stuff.

We are going to have disagreements about all kinds of things, but no matter how wrong you think the other person is, you're never going to beat a new understanding out of them. It's also pretty unlikely that you'll change their mind with a little sugar, but at least there's a chance.

At the end of the day, you probably should serve someone you don't agree with. Let's keep in mind that means serving those who want dinner, want a marriage license or want a cake baked too.

I recently went back and forth with a guy that was making certain gender statements about trans-people. What I didn't do is debate right or wrong with him, I debated, why do you care, and exactly why do you think your opinion on someone else's lifestyle matters?

I tried to point out that it wasn't his life, his choices and the chances of him every even running into the person where infinitesimal, that basically, he was just stating his choice to be an asshole to that person in case he ever ran into them. It was just SO ridiculous.

Be civil. Be West Texas friendly. If you want to address someone for acting out of line, do it; but when you're done, shake their hand and walk away. Fighting is just ridiculous and it gets us nowhere.

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