It's sad that this is going to fall mostly on deaf ears, but maybe I can get one person to be a little nicer.

Tim Boyle, Getty Images
Tim Boyle, Getty Images

There is far too much ugliness in this world from the highest branches of government on down. But you know what, manners can be pushed up or pushed down, as long as they are pushed.

I see far too many of you starting or completing a post with "that bitch at the drive-thru messed up my order".   Really? First world problems, much? So someone is automatically a bitch or worse because you got mustard instead of mayonnaise?  I got a better idea, how about as the person in the drive-thru, you check for mistakes?

These people go through hundreds of orders a shift, and I've never seen one single post saying, "my order was perfect today, thanks (fast food place)".  How about a little gratitude to these workers and the universe for when things go right?

Let's also look at why your order could have been bad:

*You could have not spoken plainly and clearly and/or didn't listen back to it.

*You may have thought you ordered  something and really didn't

*The wrong order or sandwich could have been placed in a bag (switched up)

*The cook could have messed up the order

*The secondary cook/assembler messed up the order

*The person bagging the order could have grabbed the wrong item

*Someone in this chain of putting food into your privileged mouth had something horrible happen and is distracted

*You were a complete dick and they intentional screwed it up

*You constantly slam fast food employees and fight any chance they have at making decent money so they're burnt out and just don't care

*Turnover is high because of customers like you, so you're always dealing with new, inexperienced  employees

....and a million other reasons.  So "the bitch" may not even be responsible for your stuff being jacked.

Everybody has bad days, and everybody has days when they are on top of things. Some of these folks are working multiple jobs and gawd knows what.  Give these folks a break, be a good human and check your order, and don't be a dick because you have to take a pickle off a sandwich.

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