A lot of us never gave much thought to double-dipping, until Seinfeld pointed it out.

Double-dipping it by putting a chip back into the dip after you've bitten part of it off. It's really a disgusting thing when you think about it. You are, of course, welcome to engage in this savagery when you have your own dip, but if it's communal, then it's one dip per chip.

I am here in Seinfeld's stead to point out another disgusting thing people do, that you probably haven't given much thought to. How do I know you haven't thought much about it? Well, I'm a bit of a germaphobe and a licensed food safety inspector so I notice when something is being contaminated.

I do not eat at company lunches. I appreciate them very much, but it's just not my thing. I've been in the bathroom with some of these people and there are a few who consider hand washing optional, or a quick rinse acceptable (I don't mind putting them on blast either, 'cause wash your damn hands).

I have, however, doubled back for some chips. They seemed safe and don't lend themselves to heat/cold-related bacteria growth. This was until I witnessed the horror of the "CLAW HAND". Yes, we've all seen someone do this, they put their hand in a bag of chips and grab a big nasty fistful of chips leaving behind traces of whatever is growing on their fingertips and knuckles. It's just gross.

If only bags were made for pouring stuff, or the tongs (usually provided) were used, we could avoid the fecal-fingered cross-contamination of the "CLAW HAND".

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