Almost every night is comedy night in Lubbock if you look hard enough.


This past weekend there were four headling comedy shows in the Hub City. Three were hosted by locals and one featured national comedians with locals opening. This is HUGE.

Local comedians run the gamut, just like local bands; there are some that you may think are as funny as anyone you've ever seen on t.v. and there are some that need to go back to their day jobs (and sometimes that's funny too). Our local comics aren't afraid of anything, from gross sex stories to politics to race issues and sometimes just regular old things that we all talk about over a beer.  It's just important to note that the comics are always up there to make you laugh and sometimes you can relate to one better than another.

It used to be that comedy, when it happened at all, was relegated to open mics on off nights. This past weekend proved that it has grown far beyond that. Laugh Hub City's "Lubbock Laugh Off" at the World of Beer just had it's 12th, that's twelveth, standing room only show. They actually have to turn away people who are late at the door.

In addition to the Laugh Hub City weekly lineup, monthly events are often scheduled at the Freaky Tiki, Jake's, Studio 19, Bar PM and the aforementioned, World Of Beer.

If you're looking to hook up with the comedy crowd, probably that best clearinghouse for information is the Laugh Hub City Facebook page. There are several groups across the Hub trying to push comedy, but Laugh Hub city tends to have the most complete information.  The page is also a great resource if you're looking to stand up on your own.

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