The answer is...

It's very likely that Lubbock will see snow this weekend. Current forecast models put us at a 90% chance of snow for Friday and a 40% chance of snow for Saturday.

This blast of winter weather is actually set to start on Thanksgiving day with winds spiking and a high of 49 degrees. There is even a slight change of rain turning to snow on Thursday night.

Friday is when things could get a little rough. We have that 90% chance of snow, but high winds will also be a problem at 20-30 miles an hour (yes, those barely qualify as high winds in Lubbock, but when it's cold, they sure seem bad). The areas that get snow on Friday could see one to three inches. Friday night things continue with the chance of another inch of snow.

Saturday continues with more of the same and that 40% chance of snow, mostly before noon. We'll also warm up to 48 if whatever snowfall we get doesn't keep temperatures down too much.

Then Sunday morning comes along, mostly to tell you that all of this was a figment of your imagination. Sunday should actually warm up to 54 degrees, but a little breezy.

Looking at your travel plans, Dallas will probably have rain while we have snow. Albuquerque looks to be avoiding all of this mess. If you're headed north to Amarillo, it looks like a rain/snow mix.  All of this information came from (the Weather Channel's official site). If you have any travel planned, I recommend that you double-check the site within a few hours of your trip.

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