Apparently, Sunday was a very busy day for LPD to conduct crash investigations.

This past Sunday my phone was going off like somebody playing hot slots in Las Vegas. My smart/cell phone was pinging and ringing like it had become sentient and was trying to write a song. Then, the phone calls started. I still have a landline because it's tied into my security, so we also started getting calls explaining all the hot cop action happening that day.

It's got to the point where we don't pay much attention to it, and that's a bad thing. Lubbock alerts about street closures and other situations are actually pretty dang important, but it seems like maybe --just maybe -- we could take the more routine ones and group them together or something.

I'm not even sure if that's the answer, because if the exit you use is closed due to an investigation or a recent crash, it doesn't matter and you still have to find another route.

I'm sure I'm exaggerating, but if I had to provide an alibi for the police themselves, I could do it. They worked all day Sunday and I have the messages to prove it.

Where this becomes a problem is that we all do become a little numb to these alerts when they hit with a regular frequency. Even worse, sometimes we mute them when they don't seem to apply to us, then we don't catch them when they do. I guess we all just need to remember that the people behind these alerts are just trying to give us a heads up and are not intentionally being aggravating.

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