Were you even aware that the "Barbeque Bill" became a law?

Jason Eisenberg | TSM
Jason Eisenberg | TSM

You may not have known it, but there WAS a law that required places that sell food by the pound to weigh it in front of you. Sounds pretty reasonable, right?  Well, I guess in the name of freedom or business or whatever, a new law went into effect in June saying that's no longer the case.

Legislators say it was a burden on small business to have to buy a scale and pay the $35 registration fee. It's rather odd that this bill even passed. Texas Agriculture Sid Miller was against the bill and feared that there might be some sellers out there that might be "adding their thumb to the scale".

It seems absolutely ludicrous to me that some one can sell me a pound of barbeque and not be able to see that pound weighed out.  Yeah, I never thought I'd say it, but even though I tend to believe that most people are honest, I'm with Sid on this one. I'm sure the folks that are weighing it out light won't be in business long, but it seems dumb that consumer protections were removed from the process.

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