There used to be a time when a carpetbagger came to town that we'd stick together. Now, I guess, we're going to let this kind of nonsense exist.

As written about by my RockShow co-host Chrissy, a man in Lubbock held up a sign over Mother's Day weekend that said "Thank your mom today that she's not gay. Happy Mothers Day."

This bothered some people, but most just gave him the finger, while a few got proactive with their own signs. Hey, if this guy and his defenders get to holler "free speech," then so do the people who think he's full of beans.

There's a bigger lesson at work here, and that is: careful who you speak up for. It seems to me that no one wanted to claim he had a "right to free speech" when he was harassing kids and their parents at an Amarillo mall a few years ago.

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So hey, everybody, meet Pastor Dave H. Grisham from Last Frontier Evangelism-Repent Alaska. He's a certified troll and a bit of a loon. He's also responsible for the meme that says, "I'd rather see two men holding guns than holiday hands - Just Sayin.'" He's also the guy that was kicked off the South Plains Fairgrounds during the Cinco De Mayo festivities.

You may be interested to know that he shared a meme "blasting the Catholic Pope" for a painting. Yup, Catholics, this guy hates you, too. Had enough yet? How about this gem:

If white people were as racist as they claim , they’d be protesting CRACKERbarrel restaurants and it would be off limits to call country bars , “HONKY Tonks” just sayin’

Or ladies, tell you how you feel about this:

Ladies quit cursing. An ugly mouth ruins a pretty face. Just sayin'

I'd give you a taste more, but all the racist, sexist, anti-vax, anti-immigration and homophobic stuff you want is freely available to you above.

This guy came to Lubbock to cause trouble and was successful. How embarrassing.

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