If you choose to not vaccinate your kids and do not have a medical exemption, you may be a bad human being.

Vaccine exemptions in Texas rose 14 percent in Texas last year. That's 64,000 little snot-nosed disease carriers turned loose across the Lone Star State.

Let me also point out that those are indeed "non-medical exemptions." If you have a real medical exemption, then you should be encouraging others to vaccinate, too.

These parents who somehow think they are smarter than science are a threat to everyone. Measles, in the meantime, is having a record-breaking year and coming back. One of the little side effects of Measles can be brain swelling, which can kill your kid.

I don't care if you "never listen to me again" because I called you out. All this means is that I won't have to go to your kid's funeral or contribute to their GoFundMe. Millions and millions of people took the vaccine to help themselves -- and America -- work towards a disease-free future. Your ignorance and lack of empathy for others is trashing all that.

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