Well dang, journey with me here on a fact-finding mission.

I stumbled across an article that had Lubbock listed as one of the top ten cities in Texas. I thought, "Hooray", but further research put us in the "missed it by this much" category.

When you search Texas Cities By Population the first thing that comes up is a 2021 chart by Cubit that lists Lubbock as #10, with Laredo and Irving following closely behind. These things do generally take a while to compile, so I was semi-sure I was dealing with the most current information.

Doing my due diligence I dug a little deeper and found a chart by "World Population Review" that has numbers supposedly generated here in 2023 that bumped us down to #11. Yes, as I suspected, Irving blew up like a son of a gun and knocked us down.

A lot of this can be looked at, and should be looked at by city leaders, by the "annual growth rate". Irving's annual growth rate was 1.53% while Lubbock's was just 1.05%. This gave Irving about 3300 more people than Lubbock.

The World Population Review currently puts Lubbock's population at 265,412 residents.  It's not good to be out of the top ten because trust me, there are corporate types out there that say things like, "Johnson, make sure we're in the top ten markets of every city" so now we're no longer included.

The worst part of this is that people who judge us by the Lubbock population aren't really taking into account the closely neighboring cities that blow up our town each day with workers, shoppers, and other folks that might as well be residents.

Well, I guess being top ten was fun while it lasted, even if it only lasted five minutes for me. Maybe we could tell them we were hiding 3400 people in the dust.

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