Are you waiting for your government debit card?

Everything Lubbock is reporting that four million of the debit cards were sent out in very non-descript envelopes. The task of making, charging, and sending out the cards was given to a company called Metabank who sent them in envelopes that said, "Money Network Cardholder Services" (which is about the most generic name I've ever heard of). Evidently the mailings are so plain looking that many people are taking them to be some type of hoax.

If you received one of these cards, there should be information in the letter explaining that yes, it is your economic stimulus payment. Hopefully your not a person that trashes your junk mail en masse as I do. How much would that suck to know that you threw away $1200 or more and you have to get on the phone with the government to try and get it replaced? I'm going to start looking at all of my mail a little closer after this.

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