Disney World is having a tiff with the state of Florida.

One of the "Happiest Places on Earth" is having a tiff with the governor of the state of garbageville. If you're a fan of this knucklehead, then you haven't read the daily stories of crazy constituents. You don't get a "Florida Man" story without a "Florida Governor." Governor Ron DeSantis is playing politics against Disney World, and that's a bad, bad thing. Let's get to some numbers.

Nearly 21 million people visited Disney World in Orlando, Florida in 2019 (it's not fair to include pandemic years). Think about this: there are only 30 million people who live in Texas. Simply put, imagine two out of every three people in our state visiting.

Florida itself did about 113 million tourists in 2019 overall, meaning about one in five people who came to Florida went to Disney World. If Disney World were to close and/or move out, it would decimate Florida's economy. Would you like a little more proof? Disney World employs 77,000 people, making it the largest single-site employer in the U.S.

This brings us to an invite from a judge in Texas to move to our state and some of the statewide reactions. It's never, ever going to happen and I feel that's why some complete and total buffoons out there are shooting down the idea. If there was an inkling, a smidgen, a one-in-a-million chance of a business this size coming to the Lone Star State they'd be kissing feet and butts at this very moment. You've seen them do it before of businesses that were nowhere near the size of Disney.

Any politician or pundit that says they don't want Disney World in Texas needs to have "idiot" tattooed on their forehead and be run out of town. Twenty-one million more visitors to Texas would be transformative. Texas would finally be some real competition for some of those coastal tourism dollars.

It's not going to happen. It's never going to happen. Let's just not let idiots show their asses to other companies out there who might really be considering the Lone Star State. If you have a business, we want you here; we'll work out the details later.

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