Have you ever wanted to reach through your computer and just choke some sense into somebody? Who am I kidding, if you've read my blogs before, it was probably me.

Earth From One Million Miles
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Anyways, I keep a reasonably "cultured" Facebook page, but this I mean that I've kicked tons of people out, for a variety of reasons. Heck, it's hard to justify even having 2300+, whether you're being a dick or not.  Anyways in the past 24 hours, I've seen two different people making claims, seriously, that the earth is flat. Holy smokes, now where do I start.

There are very, very, very simple experiments you can do right now to prove the earth is round. To me, though, the big question is, why do you even question this? Why do you think school and science and globes all want to lie to you about the shape of the earth?  What possible reason could there be to lie? Who would benefit from a flat or round earth? Do you look at the moon and think it's chapped like a hockey puck?  Why, why, why?

I believe questioning everything is a good idea. It can't hurt. But I seriously had a woman on my Facebook feed, who I highly doubt made the honor roll in high school, and probably didn't even graduate, say she had done her research and that the earth is flat.  It just makes me crazy that people can be locked into such foolishness.

There are over a billion sites on the internet. I could get a few hundred to agree on the most insane of topics and conclusions, that doesn't make them right.  You know what is right? Scientific Theory. Science has been telling us since about the 6th century that the earth is round.  My current scientific findings are showing me that people are really, really getting dumber.

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