Several well-known personalities have given "HIPAA" laws as a reason for not revealing their vaccination status. Even more, people post things about HIPAA and don't even spell it correctly.

Now let's pause for the best meme ever when someone says "HIPAA".


I know it seems a bit off to insert a meme in an otherwise serious blog, but there really is NOTHING that better describes this situation better than that.

HIPAA laws were created to ensure the portability of your insurance between jobs. They are about the handling of your medical information and who can or can't see it. These are laws were put into place to keep you from being screwed over by health insurance companies and medical institutions.  HIPAA laws are ONLY between you and entities of this sort. HIPAA laws were not intended to do anything else when signed into law by President Bill Clinton in 1996, then amended in 1999.

HIPAA laws do not prevent the guy who sells you a Slurpee from asking if you were vaccinated or have ever suffered injuries while wrestling a cougar in the wild. HIPAA does not prevent a prospective employer from asking you if you were vaccinated and can lift over fifty pounds of cow guts. HIPAA does not prevent a concert, event, or meeting of U.F.O. enthusiasts from asking you to show a vaccination card in order to attend.

Please don't go away hurt. I actually applaud you for trying to educate and stand up for yourself. It's important that you do that sometimes, even when you are wrong. In this case, you are wrong to quote "HIPAA Laws", they do not apply anything except you and your medical and insurance providers (not even a little bit, none, zero).

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