Yes, I want you to vote, no matter your party affiliation.

Let's break this down, yes, after switching parties many times decade after decade, I'm pretty entrenched in my views. Does that matter for this discussion? Not really, but I thought I'd put it out there in the interest of clarity.

I went to the supermarket the other day and walked past the voting area. More appropriately let me say I "navigated" through the voting area. Lined up for voting were nothing but old men, so old in fact that two were on mobility scooters and one walked with a cane.  Now, I'm an "old man", the difference between myself and most of them is, I don't think "old men" should be dictating how you're going to live your life for the next couple of decades.

I also want to take this opportunity to take some of the drama out of all of this. Don't believe the "fighting for the soul of America" b.s. Each vote is just a course correction. Sometimes things swing a little too far left or right for most of us in the middle, but Americans as a whole have voted to keep things pretty stable. Still, it's important that you vote, even if you think you're going to lose because it helps keep all sides on their toes.

In America, everyone should have a voice. Let me correct that, in America, everyone does have a voice, and not enough people are using it. Even if you are 180 degrees opposite from me politically I want you to vote. We need the diversity of America represented on election day.  Tomorrow's the big day, get it done.

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