I think all of us get stupid at least a couple times in our lives.

When you're young, full of booze and surrounded by friends you can do some dumb stuff. Some VERY dumb stuff. For four Texas Tech football players, this may have some pretty bad consequences.

I was out front talking to one of our sports guys saying that I think that everyone deserves one pass. Let me say right out front -- NOT because they play for Texas Tech, but because they're young and young people make mistakes. Unfortunately, I was informed that this wasn't the first time one of them has been in trouble.

Being young is hard, and I'll bet representing a major university is even harder, especially when the home crowd has bailed on you just a bit. Still, football requires leadership qualities and acting like a jerk in the middle of the street at 2 a.m. doesn't show that.

I hope these guys get a fair hearing and aren't dismissed outright. They just need to remember that they have played their "young card," and there's no more where that comes from.

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