Abbey Road was a legendary live music venue located across the Loop from the Mall.

Abbey Road was owned by Carlo Campanelli. Carlo basically bounced from the legendary Rox to Abbey Road. Abbey Road was the place where the last vestiges of New Wave played out and where 80's metal started to take over.

I don't know who thought it was a good idea to have a live music club in a strip mall, but it worked. Heck, you had tons and tons of parking at night because the other businesses weren't open.  Among the

Among the bands, I saw there were Wendy O. Williams, Ratt, Hughes/Thrall (Glen Hughes of Deep Purple and Pat Thrall of the Pat Travers band). Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols played there. Ratt played a legendary show there (the ceiling tiles caught on fire and like idiots, we just kept rocking). I saw an amazing show, one of the best of my life with Paul Carrack (Squeeze) and Nick Lowe (Rockpile).

Some of your favorite artists were regulars there, in fact, I'll embarrass Darren Welch one more time with my "back in the day" video. Hey, if I'm going to be on here with my legendary bandana, then we can have Darren here in his mirrored glasses.

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