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We're going to start with a little personal history here.

I was listed as "all-state potential" at offensive tackle by Dave Campbell's "Top of Texas."  That's a lot for a high school guy to wear, but I had beast-like strength that just kept growing and growing. What I didn't have was much coordination and knowledge of football, because I played no sports and watched no sports before I was a freshman in high school.

Somehow, I got invitations to walk on with Oklahoma, San Diego State, and the Coast Guard programs before the season even started (probably just my coaches' way of motivating me).

I played on three sides of the ball, and injured my shoulder badly on a special teams play. I tore ligaments and had deep muscle bruises or whatever (there was no real sports medicine to help at the time). I could not get the shoulder back in time to make a serious impact. Enough about me. I knew that my injury meant it was over for me.

Let's be generous here and say that Alan Bowman may be the greatest quarterback ever and an incredible team leader. None of that would change the fact that he stays injured, and some of it is really bad (yeah, a loose lung is bad). Heck, we only know about the stuff that has kept him off the field; he may even be suffering other injuries we know nothing about. The point is, at this juncture, him being on the field against Iowa State (some would say for too long) seemed very selfish of the program.

My guess is he's the type of guy who's insisting he can go, but the problem with injuries is they lead to more injuries. (Have you ever favored a bad foot only for it to make your back hurt?) Someone, maybe Bowman himself, needs to make the decision that he's going to be the best backup ever.

I'm not the guy to choose someone else's fate. Maybe Bowman can suck it up and perform miracles for us, but right now he's just a guy leaving his heart, and way too much of his body, out on the field. Hopefully, he will either get really healthy during this bye week, or someone can make the decision to not let this guy kill himself on the field.

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