Thanksgiving should be a time to kick with family, but sometimes it can just be a little bit much.

If you weren't stressed about Thanksgiving yet, then think about the following:

*Experts say this is going to be the biggest, thus most crowded, travel season ever.

*Do you really know how to cook a turkey?

*Has it all got to be a bit spendy for you?

*Are there people going to be at your Thanksgiving that you really don't care for?

*Do you sit around waiting for people to leave so you can nap?

*Do you feel pressure to eat some things that you really don't like?

*Do you feel the impending doom of Black Friday and the holiday shopping season?

These are just some basic questions about a day a lot of people put a lot of preparation into, when it should just be about getting together. We'd love to hear you opinions and answers Thursday morning on the RockShow and on our Facebook page.