Holy cow, there's some kind of powdered cheese out there giving people the leaky butt!

Not only can it give you the leaky butt, it can give you the hot head and the tummy punchers (that's a trio of bad things that are normally known as diarrhea, fever and stomach cramps).  Oh, it can give you a case of the deads as well.  Salmonella really isn't much to joke about, but I gotta be me.

At issue is some whey powder from one producer (whey? no way! yes, whey).

It started out with Ritz crackers and now the recall has moved on to Pepperidge Farms. Both are pretty much doing this out of concern for consumers because no cases of salmonella have actually been reported.  Keep in mind, you are only cautioned to avoid products from those producers that have whey powder (typically the cheese flavored stuff).

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