Just when you thought of every terrible creeping, crawling critter in Texas, along comes another nightmare.

Facebook/Brave Wilderness
Facebook/Brave Wilderness

The Nightmare

Some aquatic areas of Texas have something called a "Texas Toe-Biter Bug". Are you horrified yet? Toe-biters already sound like something that would snatch up your toes because you had them stuck out from under the covers, but again, they are aquatic. There is also no guarantee that they're going to just bite one of your toes either, they can get you pretty much anywhere.

Why It Hurts Like The Dickens

Texas Toe-Biters are big waterbugs that have a straw for a mouth. They use that straw for pokey business, then insert a venom that causes the insides of their prey to turn to mush which they then suck back through the straw. While they won't kill you, they can make you very uncomfortable for a long time.

They're Insulting

Don't you think it's enough that nature gave these water bugs this horrifying process it uses to eat? Are you not satisfied with how mean these bugs can be? Then get this, they can also squirt liquid out of their rear ends for a few feet. There's nothing pleasant about the liquid that comes out of a bug's bottom either.

Video Proof Of Life

The folks with Brave Wilderness took the Toe-Biter challenge while in Costa Rica (same bug, but a different accent, haha). The results were not pleasant. The host described the bite as "like dropping a brick on your toe". If you have time, maybe you can honor Cody's sacrifice by watching the video.

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