If you've ever read the words "don't get offended, snowflake", then this blog is for you.

First off, notice how I said "read" the words, because most of the people who say things like that, don't have the balls to say it in public.

Here's the real problem and thrust of this blog; to be "offended" means you were "hurt" and to be "triggered" means you were "offended" and that usually isn't how it is. If you use an ethnic, homophobic or some other kinds of slur around me, I'm not going to go home and sulk and try to wash the bad feelings away with a shower. If you say that crap around me, you are going to provoke me into dismissing you, correcting you, shaming you, and letting you know 100% what a garbage person you are.  Now, does that sound "snowflake-y"?

While we're at, let's talk about the human dumpster fires that use the word "snowflake". It's all about the context in which it is used. Think about this, in EVERY circumstance, it is used for no other reason than to add insult to injury. The person's behavior/language was reprehensible and when you said, "that's not cool" they decided to insult you. Take that trash out.

I truly believe that we have to learn to deal with each other better but that starts by starting in a place of mutual respect and not by continuing to pile on insults, all that is is bullying and that's no way to move forward.

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