We've had the debate about "smart" electric meters in town before. Unfortunately, old kooks with don't understand technology quashed the efforts.


A lot of you upgrade your phone, your gaming systems and pretty much everything on the reg. You know the benefit of updating to the latest technology.  Last week LP&L finally decided to move forward with smart meters next year, after all, who wouldn't want a more accurate reading of their meters?

Smart meters have been the target of conspiracy nuts for some time now. Basically, they object to the fact that these things use radio waves and that they can be remotely controlled (by the gubmint!).

There's a couple of real benefits to having these meters, above and beyond more accurate readings. The meters will also be able to let LP&L know about power outages immediately, plus you will be able to get real-time reports on the stuff you use too.

I think Lubbock has had "good enough" for more than enough time. We have to move forward and pretend that we're a modern town with indoor plumbing and a good electrical grid.  Let the upgrade begin.




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