It seems like there's a new food place here every other day. They come and go like the West Texas wind.

I think we should never, ever forget the great local businesses that have been making Lubbock delicious for decades.  I am speaking this time of Pete's Drive-Ins. There are two locations left in Lubbock, #1 is at 529 34th with #3 at 4156 34th.  I have no idea if the two are even currently owned by the same people

What I can tell you is I used to live near the 4156 34th street location and I was a regular customer. Now, I like to visit the one at 529 34th in a semi-old industrial part of town. For the sake of this blog, and because I can't throw down at both places in one day, we're going to talk about the original.

Pete's specialty, even back in the day, is hot pastrami sandwiches. I'll go to my grave saying that Pete's makes 'em right with just yellow mustard and an appropriate number of pickles (my mouth is watering right now, dang!).  On the side, I grab up one of those big ol' sleeves of fries, pinned shut with a toothpick the way they did back in the day.

Okay, so maybe you're a person with no taste and you can't handle the pastrami. Pete's also serves up big burgers, chicken-fried steaks, hot dogs, and even an odd Mexican food item or two.

The location may make you scratch your head, but locals know what's up and the place stays busy. You generally drive up, then park until they call your order out (with so little else in the area that loudspeaker doesn't bother anyone).

I would also like to state that I wrote this up for no other reason than a love of Pete's. That pastrami is life!

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