I don't believe people are getting dumber, I believe dumb people are getting louder.

Social media is part of what I do. I really enjoy it most of the time, but truth be told, if it wasn't part of what I do for a living, I'd delete everything and walk away.

Social media has given dumb people a loudspeaker to express the most uneducated, ridiculous and even hateful opinions.  Maybe you've noticed, for the most part, it isn't your doctor, teacher or lawyer on Facebook, it's mostly folks whose opinion wouldn't be acknowledged otherwise. Even worse, they use the same social media to try to discredit people who do have opinions based on education, research or real-life experience.

Don't ever be fooled by the idea that you're changing the world and capturing minds with your thoughts on politics, vaccination, etc.  We can tell pretty quick who's a pro and who's just posturing.

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