I am not responsible for anything my parents did. I was a kid and like all kids, I was pretty much subject to my parent's whims. They brought me up how they saw fit and if I disagreed with any of it, I got a whippin'.

Immigration rally
Photo: Win McNamee, Getty Images

"Dreamers" is the name used for children of illegal immigrants. There is a program in place, but currently under threat, that gives them a path towards citizenship. It makes perfect sense and I don't see how anyone has a problem with it. By all means, if you want to prosecute, penalize or even deport someone who is in this country illegally, I totally understand that, but the kids deserve a pass.

Here's is a scenario for you. A five-year-old kid is on his way to school. His dad stops on the way, robs a bank and shoots a guy. Now, should the kid go to jail forever? Uh, hell no. It's pretty dang clear cut.

I realize for many years those who seek to divide us want to tell you that immigrants are somehow negatively affecting your life. It's always been that way and it's not true.  Use your coconut here, people who aren't legal citizens don't get benefits. Try losing your social security card and see how quick you get shut down for all kinds of stuff. Now imagine not having one.

Think about your kid. Should they suffer if you did something really stupid? If the answer is no, then it should be the same for everyone's kids.


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