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A Lubbock man used his drone to run an alleged creeper out of his neighborhood.

This story has changed substantially since I began writing it. For some reason, all the videos and mentions on Facebook have been removed, adding further mystery to the whole situation (associated tags remain -- more on that later). That said, let's get into what was known at the time.

A man in a white car was allegedly spending a little too much time where he doesn't belong.  According to an associated Facebook post, he was:

...stalking women in Vintage, Oakmont, and Tea2go on Quaker. They have many videos of him stalking, walking down alleys. The videos are frightening because he does it repeatedly.

One man apparently took issue with this guy's alleged cruising and creeping and launched an aerial attack, by following the man around with his drone. It was a crazy video, and it almost looked like a video game.


Sounds like scary stuff, right? In fact, another post claimed the man was actually detained and possibly arrested.

Some commenters took issue with the drone flying, citing privacy concerns for the neighbors and whatever they keep in the backyards, but most people were positive and thankful that this mission apparently drove the man off. By the way, this neighborhood seems to have a lot of trampolines.

So what would you do? Let's take the neighbor's privacy as our first topic. I think it's pretty apparent that this drone video isn't making any attempt to show off uncut grass or whatever. Plus, anyone could peek over your fence (and I'm pretty sure code enforcement and others do) just that. Anyone could also pull up your house on Google Earth and see what you have going on, too.

So, it becomes a matter of how to get an alleged creeper out of your neighborhood. Is a car cruisin' around really a police matter? Can they really do too much until a crime has been committed? There doesn't seem to be a law against going for a drive. So, it all became about letting this guy know he was being watched, and the drone apparently did that.

So, I'm giving the drone guy props for his work...and you might want to keep your backyard in good shape just in cass. Let's hope the video resurfaces in a positive way. In the meantime, the hashtag #creepylubbockguy still yields results on Facebook.

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