If you want to know how messed up the political process is, think about this:  in Lubbock, it's easier to vote early than on election day.  Does that make sense to anybody?

Anyways, today and tomorrow are your last days to vote early. The most popular early voting locations are at United Supermarkets.

This has been a nutty kind of election and it's gotten a little mean in these past weeks. From where I'm sitting, the mayor better be glad that he doesn't have stronger competition for the job, or he'd be in a heap of trouble.  The mayor's stance on the Coliseum and Auditorium seems to be bringing out some real animosity in the community.

That Coliseum issue is the real big item on the vote. I think the mayor and council thought Lubbock would just roll over on the issue, but now people are asking tough questions about the money it makes, the money that was supposed to be spent on it, and why there wasn't complete clarity on the issue from the onset.

So you have these last two days to make your voice heard early. Keep in mind, when you don't vote, no one thinks "they're protesting by not voting", they actually think, "Well, the must like what I'm doing or they'd say something".  It's almost always better if you "say something" by voting.

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