Let's get this done.

Early voting begins October 13th and I can't wait to get to the polls. I can't wait until my friends, my family, and even you get to the polls. I am hoping every registered voter gets their ballot in early to make sure they are counted.

I want all these things because I would like everyone to shut up, please. After you've cast you ballot then it HAS to be, "let the chips fall where they way". I'm so very fatigued by the constant barrage of political opinions, most by people who couldn't pass a sixth-grade spelling test.

It's time to chart a course and then say, "well, here's where we're going" and just get it over with. This isn't a defeatist attitude, there just has to be a break from the "loudest voice wins" method of deciding things so we can get back to "the smartest voice wins".

No matter how things go, there's going to be a lot of people upset with the election. You can be a big baby about it, or you can press on and do whatever you think needs to be done to ramp up again in four years.  All I know is, that this issue by issue, online political fight of the week nonsense needs to stop. Did we run out of cat videos or something? Do people not realize that the true power in social media is the ability to pull people together and not allowing it to push them apart?

Let's get those votes in as soon as possible so we can be done with this, at least for a bit. I'm sure some folks will let whatever campaign wins give them a case of chocolate pants, but I'll take any old small break from this nonsense I can get.


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