I don't think it's a surprise to anyone that I've been around a minute. I'm fairly well educated and always up on current events. Still, right now, I couldn't tell you how to calculate where Easter falls each year.

That's why I thought it necessary to tell you that Easter is this Sunday, April 17th. You've been seeing the jelly beans and chocolate bunnies on the store shelves for some time now, and it's now time to go ahead and bite the bullet and start putting together that Easter basket and planning for that Easter dinner.

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I did notice something a little strange this year. Despite having full rows of candy, I didn't see any Easter baskets or even Easter grass...you know, the stuff that gets in the roller of your vacuum cleaner to the point where it never works correctly again. Hopefully, you'll have better luck than me finding a basket so you can have some type of contained Easter presentation.

Oh, and thanks to timeanddate.com, I can pass this along:

Easter falls on the first Sunday after the Full Moon date, based on mathematical calculations, that falls on or after March 21. If the Full Moon is on a Sunday, Easter is celebrated on the following Sunday.

Well, there you go: it has something to do with the full moon, which makes me wonder why we have an Easter bunny and not a pack of Easter werewolves.

Here's hoping you have a festive and, if you're the religious sort, a blessed day. I'm going to have a Cadbury Egg kind of day and remain confused about Easter until next year.

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