My guess is, next to the 4th of July, Easter is the time most people trash Lubbock parks.

I'm certainly not suggesting you trash the parks this weekend, I'm actually saying it's the perfect time to forget about the consequences of what you're doing.

A lot of people head to Lubbock parks for Easter weekend. The reason is obvious, it's easier to stage an Easter egg hunt or even an egg roll on the city's turf. This is where trashing the park comes in.

Let's start at the beginning, don't drive on the grass. You can carry all of your stuff to a nice spot without bringing your car along. Also, keep in mind that if you're going to be picnicking that you should make a mental note to grab up all the wrappers along with the paper plates and whatnot.

Photo by Dnessa Franklin on Unsplash
Photo by Dnessa Franklin on Unsplash

Some people go so far as to stake out an area where an egg event is happening. Don't forget to take that stuff with you when you leave. Now lets get to a big one, that will really bother some people, it's kind of a jerk move to bust cascarones in the park. Those eggs are, of course, filled with confetti, which is just a million little pieces of paper that get everwhere. Now before you get too mad about this, ask yourself, "How would my Mom feel about me doing this on her carpet?". I'm betting your mom would be mad, so don't do it in the parks if you wouldn't do it in your moms house.

Anyways, have a happy and wonderful Easter. Don't trash the parks, we need them the other 364 days of the year.

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