Who's ready to get their vote on?

Wow. That sentence sounded a lot sexier in my head than it did when I wrote it down.

Your final chance to speak up is tomorrow. So what's it going to be? Do you like the way things are going or would you like to mix it up? I'm not going to suggest you vote either way, I'm only going to suggest that you get yourself and your opinions off the computer and into a voting booth.

We do live in a state where votes all tend to go one way. That's okay too. You can send a message that you're out here and you won't be overlooked or that things are the way they are because the majority likes it that way.

What you don't need to do is sit on your butt and complain that there are no choices or that it doesn't matter anyway. Get out and represent. Here's a handy little page where you can type in your zip and find out where to vote.

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