Whenever I see a meme that has some type of agenda, I like to look it up.

The meme claims that a field of electric cars is an automobile graveyard for electric cars because the batteries are too expensive to replace, and tries to make a point about how this is not "environmentally friendly." Sorry, buddy, you've been caught lying...or stupid -- whichever you prefer.

The first clue any meme buster should have recognized is how almost all of the cars are exactly the same. Doesn't that strike you as strange? That was the clue that set me up, and with one Google search I was able to find out exactly what was happening here.

These cars were taken off the street en masse in France because they were part of a massive ride share program that went bust (think Lime scooters, but with cars). If you look at the back quarter panel of the cars you can see a logo. That logo is not the car brand, but the name of the service. Apparently, this company had government permission to run this service, but things went sour and they were forced to park the cars.

This meme is currently making the rounds, and in my opinion, is probably being seeded around in some type of anti-electric/pro-gas propaganda. The problem with lies is they are always eventually uncovered and they ultimately make the liar that much less believable in everything they do.

So far I'm not a big fan of electric cars, but I'm even less of a fan of BS. This meme is 100-percent busted.

(Oh, and to save you click, the included link from this guy also claims that flaming windmills will give you cancer)

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