So who's supposed to be checking the work in Lubbock schools?

I want to say a mom with a keen eye caught these flubs, but you kind of don't need a keen eye. My guess is a student put this presentation together. My second guess is that it was not proofread by his instructor. This was the presentation put together for L.H.S. Fish Camp.

In case you went to a Lubbock ISD school, people have "bake sales" and not "bake sells." There's a weird apostrophe in "colas" that either denotes "cola is" or some form of possession. I believe the semi-colon should also be a colon. It's also weird to capitalize "t-shirts" and "pep rallies," but that may be allowable for emphasis.

There are probably more mistakes in there, too, but I did two years of school in Brownfield, so I'm probably not much better.

Hey, I'm not a Grammar Nazi. I have an applet that gives me a little red line when something has gone sideways. I understand that accidents happen. These kinds of errors would have probably have sailed by me on a Facebook post, but at an LHS event, it's kind of unacceptable.

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