How I think of a "Hunter's Moon" has been forever changed.

You may or may not be aware of the rock/metal band by the name of "Ghost". The band actually released a song called, "Hunter's Moon" (below) that has a very special cadence to it. The cadence, and/or rhythm in which the words are delivered make the term very hard to say in any way that doesn't sound like the song.

So let's jump from modern metal to modern science. This Saturday at 4:24 Eastern, 3:24 Central time. While the moon is at its peak during the day (when you usually can't see the moon) you still can enjoy a big and bright moon all weekend long.

The Hunter's Moon should actually be called "The Halloween Moon" because it's the perfect nightlight for pre-Halloween activities. Everything from haunted houses to trunk or treats, to private parties seem to be a little bit better with a little additional light from the moon (unless there are werewolves nearby). No, it's not like being under a spotlight by any means, but it is enough light to add a really cool Fall shimmer to your festivities.

The Hunter's Moon is pretty self-explanatory. At this time of the year, animals are bulking up a bit for the Winter, and the big and bright moon made it easy for hunters to harvest them. Next up, it's the hilariously named "Beaver's Moon" which will happen just after Thanksgiving on November 27th (Thanksgiving lands on the 23rd this year).

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