One of the finest guitarists ever produced by the state of Texas is returning to the Hub City.

Johnson is a Grammy Award winner and made the top 50 in Guitar World's "Greatest Guitarists Of All Time." If you're a guitar player, YOU HAVE TO BE THERE.

Johnson is known for his impeccable tone and playing style. You really could pick any song of his at random and learn a lot about the guitar in general.

Eric and the band will be appearing at Jake's Backroom on Saturday, August 27. Advance tickets are on sale now at

I chose this live video for you newbies just because it's called "Summer Jam." But you probably have heard his tune "Cliffs of Dover," too.

Bonus: Keep scrolling past the two videos for your shot at tickets to the show.

Eric Johnson - "Summer Jam"

Eric Johnson - "Cliffs of Dover"

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