A.I. is not a friend to the Lone Star State.

Image by Janet Reddick from Pixabay/Image by Alexa from Pixabay
Image by Janet Reddick from Pixabay/Image by Alexa from Pixabay

It's Not Good

First, I have to let you know that you won't see the pictures here. A.I. gathers bits of art from here and there so copywrite laws are very unclear and I cannot use those images. I will link to them later in the article.

It's Bad For Most

The pictures are actually "How Americans are perceived by Europeans" and again, it's terrible. Technically A.I. is not a friend to many states in some recent portraits. It takes stereotypes and blows them up to exaggerated proportions. Some rural states have images of men with no teeth and wild hair screaming for no apparent reason (ie: Crazy hillbilly types), and lots of the photos feature the men with whatever the state is known for (Posing with giant corn cobs and such).

It Should Have Been Better

Still one would hope that the stereotypes about "Long tall Texans", "Texas Oilmen", or even cowboys would weigh heavily in favor of Texas getting an accurate look in an A.I. portrait. Instead, we get a fat, bloated, Bufford T. Pusser-type man in a white cowboy hat eating a hamburger that's five times the normal size. It's a picture of gluttony if I ever saw one. Our friends in New Mexico fared slightly better, only because A.I. drew their portrait as some kind of alien offspring.

It Shows The Worst Of A.I.

Call me "not a fan" of this Garbage Pail kid type of illustrations (get ready for a ton of scrolling) about Texas or anywhere. Let's remember that A.I. drew things things based on different descriptions and attributes found online. We need to start being nicer to others and quit spreading negative stereotypes so our robot overlords and Europeans have a better opinion of us.

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