I am very much on the side of giving people a second chance, but there are exceptions to every rule.

People who use physicality to solve problems always resort to it as a solution. To put it more plainly: Abusers will almost always continue to abuse people. People who think they are solving problems with a slap will always be slapping.

This isn't a conversation about discipline; it's a conversation about appropriate discipline. Even then, what's appropriate for your kids may not be appropriate when interacting with other peoples' kids.

The most disturbing thing about the viral video that's making its way around isn't just that the little girl is being pulled around by her hair; it's that the person filming is laughing about it. This shows a complete lack of empathy and demonstrates that neither person needs to be around kids ever again.

Let's also add that this particular daycare needs to tighten up their recruitment process and monitor their employees better. Walmart wouldn't stand for an employee throwing cans of soup around a store, and a daycare shouldn't stand for an employee who mistreats kids. (Editor's note: The daycare, My Little Playhouse, said that "staff involved were fired immediately.")

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