Well, this is a fine kettle of fish!

USA Today enlisted seven experts to pick the winner for every upcoming college game. For the uninformed, that's 84 teams playing 42 bowl games (seems a little excessive now, doesn't it?).

Out of the seven experts, exactly none picked Texas Tech to win the game. It does appear to draw the writer's interest though, as it's one of the few games they chose to highlight with a sentence or two. They, of course, mentioned that Mike Leach would be playing against his former school.

I can't provide you any insight or information on the game, heck, I kept thinking Mississippi State was Mississippi, which is Ole Miss. I, in fact, find all of this confusing. I like the fact that so many college kids and fans get to extend their season by one game, but yeah, this does reek of "participation trophy" football. Tech should very much be commended on the wins this season, but ultimately this bowl game means nothing (sorry to hurt your feelings, but no one will be talking about it ten years from now unless monkeys fly out of Coach Leache's rear end).

The game also picked up a Tuesday kickoff which would kind of prove my "low interest" point among fans. For the home crowd, it is a bit helpful because there's not a lot of congestion on t.v at 5:45 to get in the way of watching the game.

I hope Texas Tech puts a scare on Mike Leach but that's not likely. I would kind of feel dumb to go against seven people who track football week to week, so crossing my fingers for a win seems futile. Coach Leach has something to prove this game, and with a new coach and program on the way, Texas Tech does not.

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