Stormy days never last.

Like anyone else I'm hoping that the Corona Virus comes and goes quickly with minimum disruption to daily life and the fewest possible infected people and hopefully no deaths.  Unfortunately in the best-case scenario, we'll still have to deal with those people who thought the whole virus was a scam for one reason or another.  We have to kick these people to the curb and recognize that most of us came together to fight this thing. If it ends up mild, it's because we minimized infection opportunities. If there are fewer deaths, it's because nursing homes took proper precautions. If fewer people had to deal with it at all, we can say that it was all worth it.

Corona Virus may still be a threat, but even if it does not viciously attack our town, at least we had practice for when the next virus comes along.  The most important thing is many of us came together as a community and as Americans to fight this thing.

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